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The vending locations are distributed by their mobility capacity: The huge coffee pot Kiosk, The trailer and the Inside coffee shop. Reporting the network turnover to be more then 1.000.000 Euro, with a 50% growth from the previous year and a team of 51 employees, Coffee 2 Go is undoubtedly one of the most successful small business in Romania in the past five years, based on a tenable continuous development. Selling more than 2500 drinks/day, we are competing with the biggest operators in this “coffee to go” field


It’s not just Ally McBeal & Co who seem to like coffee-to-go. Traditional coffee culture is adapting to busy everyday urban life. For people who find that coffee is an indispensable part of their daily life, think of the times you had to endure the overly bitter or overly diluted coffee that is being served in all coffee vending machines? Guess what? You do not have to do that anymore! Your day at work has to be productive, not miserable. Here we are with the most accessible best filtered “coffee to go”. But how do we sell it? How do you sell a product with such a strong competition?

coffee 2 go concept

We had to make a dramatic enough impact to make the shopper actually think about a purchase decision that he normally makes on autopilot, by simply grabbing his familiar brand.

No matter how compelling (or how well advertised) the product proposition is, we needed visually impactful packaging to ensure that we gets a chance to sell.

Unfortunately, on the go, we do not have the luxury of time. If the packaging does not tell the story clearly and persuasively within few seconds, shoppers will not bother trying to figure it out: They will go with a trusted alternative. This point leads us back to the presence of well-established habits and alternatives. It’s not good enough for our coffee to be “interesting”, it has to be clearly different and demonstrably better than the shoppers current product, which is often next to it.

How can new products possibly communicate and differentiate effectively within 5-10 seconds? The answer is by communicating visually, via bold graphics and/or a unique packaging structure. In other words, the most successful products often “embody” their point of difference, through their packaging and presentation. We had to “break the rules” of the category, with a shocking colour or a new delivery system. Our “coffee to go” needed a packaging study, because for any (new) products, the package is the product.

So we went to OSIM and registered the “Coffee-2-go” concept as a mobile surprised coffee cup like kiosk. The image generates the interest and the quality amplifies it. For those of you who are not in a hurry, wishing to have your coffee in a cool quiet place, in 2016 we started a brand new small coffee shop, named suggestively: Coffee 2 Go INSIDE. What are we selling? Hot drinks made from freshly brewed coffee mix, using a recipe made especially for us by Leonard Caffe. And that is not all; the fruit lemonade, the milkshake, the ice-cream frappe and other cold delicacies meant to chill you out in the hot days or after a long night.

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coffee 2 go concept

Excellent, fine and sophisticated tassste, with a low caffeine degree, 100% mixture of Arabic coffees, washed, selected Phoenix is the ideal coffee for a lovely afternoon.

Awarded at specialized fairs, this mixture of a two high quality robust Caribbean and two types of Arabic coffees is the perfect choice for filter coffee.

Looking for the ideal filter coffee, Leonard Caffe made for us the best coffee in the right proportion, of African provenience (sweet, low degree of caffeine and very flavored) resulting a deep, black, flavored, strong enough coffee to raise your senses for all day long.

By using high quality freshly roasted coffee beans, we use Phoenix to awake the memories and the nostalgia of old filter coffee. The quality is certified by Leonard Caffe and Mr. Mihail Florescu.

Mihai Florescu is our partner and the exclusive supplier for the grind and bean coffee. He is also the Official Supplier for the Royal House of Romania.


  • It’s different than any other coffee to go.
    The innovative shape of the Kiosk and the minimalist but cozy design of the Inside coffee shops are meant to immediately recognize a Coffee 2 Go when you are passing by.
  • We use fresh roasted coffee since the beginning.
    Even from the very beginning, five years ago, we used only freshly roasted coffee beans; our coffee is roasted every week, on Wednesday
  • We use only certified quality coffee.
    Our partner is also the Official Supplier for the Royal House of Romania.
  • We have the best price/quality/quantity ratio on the market.
    From the price of 4 Ron for an espresso to the price of 7 Ron for a big Latte (16oz), the price range highlights the best quality of the ingredients we use (coffee, milk, sugar, cups…etc.)
  • We use beautiful art designed double wall paper cups, promoting Romanian young artists.
    In the summer of 2016 we start using printed cups, customized with artworks of young Romanian painters, in order to emphasize the quality inside our cups and also trying to promote the artists by letting people see and admire some of their talented work.
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Diverging from our initial concept, dedicated to those who choose to have their coffee on their way to work (park, train…etc.), we opened a unique coffee shop charging with two different prices, dependent on the kind of drink is served; 2go or 2stay. In that way, the 2go drinks have the same prices as the other “Coffee 2 Go” spots, while the 2stay products come with a nice atmosphere and kind waiter service, in any of the four differently designed rooms of the coffee shop. You can also choose from a list of quick snacks and alcoholic beverages. We named it (at the opposite pol of the original concept): STAY by “Coffee 2 Go”.

Located in the very center of Bucharest, in a quiet area near the Cismigiu Park, we kindly invite you the pass by, on the run, to take your “Coffee 2 Go” drink, or even to linger for a little while, undisturbed by the daily effervescence.

Come on 48 General Berthelot Street an you will understand what it means to hurry slow.


coffee to go menu cup 01


coffee to go menu cup 01

Join our team and be the one who brings “Coffee 2 Go” in your own town.

The “Coffee 2 Go” franchise system was conceived as the best efficient solution to develop the coffee spot network nationwide. For the bold ones who wish to step on the hard road of start-up business, the franchise is the best safe option. With a small invested capital and without any former similar experience, they have the opportunity to develop their own Coffee 2 Go network in the desired area or town. Our experience, the established brand, the concept and the vineyard, the excellent ratio of returned invested capital and also the profit margin of the investment, all of these guarantee the success of the franchise. The “Coffee 2 Go” network is expanding continuously, taking into consideration the number of the coffee spots but also the number of the towns we opened a franchise.

We offer two kinds of franchise, depending on the available commercial space :

Coffee 2 Go Kiosk – 9999 euro + tva

Coffee 2 Go Inside – 5000 euro + tva

Since the beginning


  • Inside Berthelot, Str G-ral Berthelot nr 5
  • Inside Foisor, Str. Traia nr 169
  • Inside Apaca, B-dul Iuliu Maniu
  • Inside Baneasa, Sos Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr 11
  • Inside Tunari, Str. Tunari nr 73 (fosta Paul Greceanu)
  • Inside Brezoianu, Str Ion Brezoianu nr 12
  • Inside Romana, Str. Stanislav Cihoschi nr 1A
  • Inside Pache, Str Pache Protopopescu nr 101
  • Inside Berthelot, Str G-ral Berthelot nr 5
  • Inside Metropolis, b-dul Iancu de Hunedoara nr 62
  • Inside Stefan cel Mare, Sos Stefan cel Mare nr 52
  • Stay by Coffee 2 Go, Str G-ral Berthelot nr 48
  • Inside Batistei, Str Batistei nr 20
  • Kiosk Pipera, Str George Constantinescu nr 2-4
  • Kiosk Polizu, Str Gh Polizu nr 11
  • Kiosk Obor, Piata Obor nr 1, in fata magazinului Obor
  • Kiosk Metalurgiei, B-dul Metalurgiei nr 61
  • Kiosk Agronomie, Campus Agronomie, vis-a-vis de SNSPA
  • Kiosk Gara de Nord, Peron central, langa McDonands
  • Kiosk Buzesti, Str Buzesti nr 55-57, parcare Fastparking
  • Kiosk Caramfil, Str Nicolae Caramfil nr 85A
  • Kiosk Casa Presei, Incinta Casa Presei Libere, langa AgerPress
  • Kiosk Aviatorilor, Str. Ermil Pangratti nr 33, langa Mega Image
  • Kiosk Dorobanti, Calea Dorobantilor nr 33 (parcare Carrefour)
  • Inside Leroy Merlin, Str Icoanei.


  • Inside Brasov I, Calea Bucuresti nr 17
  • Inside Brasov II, Str. Iuliu Maniu nr 1
  • Kiosk Brasov, Gara Centrala Brasov

Piatra Neamt

  • Inside Piatra Neamt, Str Mihai Viteazul nr 1
  • Kiosk Piatra Neamt, Piata Stefan cel Mare, zona Tarom


  • Kiosk Iasi, Piata Mihai Eminescu Braila


  • Kiosk Braila, Piata Mihai Eminescu nr 90, in fata mag. Winmarkt Cluj Napoca
  • Inside Braila, Str 1 Decembrie nr 1978

Cluj Napoca

  • Inside Cluj I, Moft de Cluj, Str Tipografiei 17
  • Inside Cluj II, Str 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 59
  • Inside Cluj II, Str 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 116


  • Kiosk Sibiu, Gara Sibiu
  • Kiosk Braila, Piata Mihai Eminescu nr 90, in fata mag. Winmarkt Braila


  • Kiosk Pitesti, parcare Hotel Muntenia


  • Inside Constanta, Str Mircea cel Batran nr 99


  • Inside Buzau - Piata Daciei


  • Kiosk Targoviste - Parcul Mitropoliei

If you’d like to send us a business proposal, some awesome feedback about our coffee and locations or any other requests, please fill out the form below or just send us an email at